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Wines in Bulk: Spot Market and Strategic Sourcing

Wineries sell and buy wines in bulk as a routine part of managing inventories in a business with dramatic yearly changes in production and daily changes in demand. Some wineries also use the market for wines in bulk as part of their core supply strategy. A rapidly growing brand, for example, might contract for a flexible, multiple-year supply of wine to sustain casegood sales growth. Or a winery might reduce their cost-of-goods-sold by maximizing production to include wines contracted to others in bulk. With over forty years of experience, Turrentine Brokerage understands your opportunities and individual needs and can help you avoid the potential pitfalls in this unique and volatile sector of the wine business.

Buying and Selling Wine in Bulk with Turrentine Brokerage

  • Quick, efficient and professional service, including negotiations and documentation
  • The best, data-driven knowledge of the market, based on a high volume of real-world sales
  • Reliable guidance as supply and demand patterns change
  • Extensive experience with all kinds of supply agreements, short-term or long-term, domestic or imported
  • The most extensive and active network of buyers and sellers in the state

5 tips for getting the most out of your bulk wine sale

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