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Turrentine Weekly Harvest Update

2012: Turrentine Weekly Harvest Update Wednesday, September 5th

What’s happening in the vineyards as harvest progresses? The Turrentine Grape Team will be highlighting what they are hearing and seeing in the vineyards throughout California every week.


  • The Northern Interior whites have weight.  Yields above expectation.
  • Southern Interior was affected by the extended period of heat, yields are average.

Central Coast:

  • Despite some reports of Pinot Noir looking to be above expectation, some recently harvested vineyards are coming in at expectation in Santa Barbara County.
  • Reports of harvest being 7-10 days earlier than anticipated for earlier ripening sites.
  • Syrah and some Merlot appear to be not too far behind Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir.
  • Monterey County Pinot Noir harvest around the corner, should be about average along with Chardonnay.

North Coast:

  • Varietals currently being delivered are above expectations
  • Reds are through veraison
  • We have available grapes for sale for all varietals
  • Sauvignon Blanc harvest in Napa is well under way with yields meeting expectations