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Turrentine in the News: Grape Crush Report

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Preliminary Grape Crush Report for 2019 has been released. It is a summary for the supply of the wine and grape industry, containing tons crushed and prices of wine grapes sold during the 2019 harvest.

The below are articles Turrentine Brokerage contributed analysis.

Napa Valley Register: ‘California’s grape crush report not reflective of market, experts say’ written by Sarah Klearman (Published February 10, 2020)

Wine-Searcher: ‘California Grape Glut Starts to Bite’ written by W. Blake Gray (Posted February 11, 2020)

North Bay Business Journal: ‘California North Coast wine grape crop $1.7B, down 15%’ written by Jeff Quackenbush (Posted February 10, 2020)

Winebusiness.com: ‘California Crushed About 3.9 Million Tons of Winegrapes in 2019’ written by Kerana Todorov (Published February 11, 2020)