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Turrentine Harvest Update

Turrentine Harvest Update: September 30th, 2014

Sonoma County – Mike Needham & Alicia Kump

  • Majority of Pinot Noir has been picked. Overall, the Pinot Noir yields came in slightly lighter than expected
  • Chardonnay is about 60-70% picked; the Chardonnay left is mainly in the cooler areas (Russian River, Coast, etc.).  Sonoma County should be finished with picking most of Chardonnay end of this week. Crop is picking out similar to 2013 so far. No ill effects of the rain as of yet.
  • Red varieties have started harvest.  Merlot yields have come in as expected.
  • In the hotter areas (Dry Creek, Alexander Valley) Cabernet Sauvignon has started and picking out as expected or slightly under. Most Cabernet Sauvignon still ripening in the cooler areas of Sonoma.
  • Overall, 2014 has been an EARLY harvest.  Chardonnay harvest usually wraps up mid-October so we are still trending a week to 10 days earlier than normal.

Napa Valley – Mike Needham & Alicia Kump

  • Crop still appears to be above average for most varieties.
  • White varieties are expected to be finished picking this week.
  • Currently in the middle of picking reds. Depending on the grower, they’ve had larger than expected yields for certain varieties.
  • In hotter areas, Cabernet Sauvignon has started to pick and yields have been at expectations.
  • Similar to the last 2 years, wineries will continue to take excess Cabernet Sauvignon.

Mendocino County – – Mike Needham & Alicia Kump

  • Crop yields are still below expectations.
  • Reds have started to be picked (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot), majority will be picked in the next couple weeks.

Lake County – Mike Needham & Alicia Kump

  • Earlier season than normal, some areas are up to 3 weeks earlier.
  • Started with Sauvignon Blanc beginning of August and began picking reds first week of September.
  • Crop appears to be slightly lighter than expected.

For all North Coast areas, we have had a long growing season.  Spring was warm, summer hot, thus a lot of degree days that have encouraged the vines to keep growing.  Growers with water have been proactive on their irrigation schedules to help mitigate the effects of heat.

South Valley – Erica Moyer

  • Madera Grape Grower:  “in all my life, I have never finished picking grapes in September, let alone the third week in September.”
  • Harvest is about a month ahead of 2013, with only a few grapes left to pick. Crop is less than 2013.

Lodi/Delta – Erica Moyer

  • Red harvest is in full swing.  Brix are high and so is quality.
  • With the rain last week harvest hit the pause button only for a day or two.
  • Yields in older vineyards are “average” at best, while younger vineyards are yielding slightly above expectations.
  • Harvest is expected to wrap up in 3 weeks.

Monterey County – Erica Moyer

  • Chardonnay harvest is just beginning and looks to be slightly above estimates.
  • Pinot Noir yields are coming in as projected, which is strong.

Santa Barbara County – Audra Cooper

  • Harvest is nearing completion in Santa Barbara County.
  • Many Chardonnay blocks came in at or below expectations. Overall, Chardonnay appears to have been an average year in Santa Barbara County.
  • Pinot Noir was once again a large crop, but by many reports smaller than 2013.

San Luis Obispo County – Audra Cooper

  • Paso Robles is roughly 50% complete with harvest; the next 10 days will likely bring the area closer to 75% complete if tank space permits.
  • The Paso Robles crop continues to be variable.  Some blocks have come in as light as 40% below an average crop yet others have come in at average or above average yields.
  • The lightest yielding varietal thus far has been Merlot.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon crop is very difficult to gauge due to a lack of uniformity throughout the region; however average at best has been a common description.  That being said, there are a few blocks here and there that have reported excess fruit.