If you’ve been around the vineyard block a few times you know the importance of a trusted advisor.

Turrentine Brokerage knows the wine business inside and out. We have an unparalleled record of predicting wine business trends and helping clients profit from them. We know the sources of supply, their history and capabilities. We know the brands, their people and their finances. We earn trust and guard confidences carefully. We make deals happen. We bring businesses together efficiently, creatively, and when necessary, quickly. We understand the key factors that make your business tick. And we know how to avoid many hidden disasters.

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Christian Klier

North Coast Grape Broker

Email: Christian@turrentinebrokerage.com

Phone: (707) 867-8212

For many years, Christian was well known to Turrentine and countless others in the wine industry as the Vice President of Shannon Ranches, Inc.  Christian was responsible for all farming operations totaling 4,500 acres of vineyards in six Northern California counties.  As Vice President, Christian negotiated all grape sales, managed client relations, winery logistics, human resources, labor management, and compliance.

Christian enjoys Backpacking, Snowboarding, and Kayaking.