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    Appellation Categories
  • Variety Color
Form Variety Appellation Vintage Tons Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
5811758117AlbarinoDunnigan Hills15 - 22CAwhiteCA
8280682806ArneisRussian River5 - 15NCwhiteCA
8535185351BarberaMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
8620286202BarberaAmador County50 - 100SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
7114771147BarberaCalifornia15 - 22CAredCA
5248952489BarberaDunnigan Hills22 - 50CAredCA
7114971149Cabernet FrancCalifornia15 - 22CAredCA
5648656486Cabernet FrancPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
5522055220Cabernet FrancMonterey County5 - 15CCredCA
8593985939Cabernet FrancChalk Hill5 - 15NCredCA
8644486444Cabernet FrancMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
8657186571Cabernet SauvignonLodi50 - 100CAredCA
8628386283Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
8628486284Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
8673586735Cabernet SauvignonSonoma County5 - 15NCredCA
8698486984Cabernet SauvignonLake County22 - 50NCredCA
8621586215Cabernet SauvignonClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
8379383793Cabernet SauvignonSierra Foothills500+SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
8106681066Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles15 - 22CCredCA
5522155221Cabernet SauvignonMonterey County5 - 15CCredCA
4489544895Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
4497844978Cabernet SauvignonMonterey County250 - 500CCredCA
4539545395Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
33993399Cabernet SauvignonLodi22 - 50CAredCA
1270912709Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
2615826158Cabernet SauvignonSanta Ynez Valley50 - 100CCredCA
3195931959Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
3567635676ChardonnayPaicines22 - 50CCwhiteCA
5208952089ChardonnayDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCwhiteCA
6748367483ChardonnayOak Knoll District5 - 15NCwhiteCA
7807978079ChardonnaySonoma County5 - 15NCwhiteCA
8542785427ChardonnaySonoma County5 - 15NCwhiteCA
2845028450DolcettoMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
8667886678DolcettoDry Creek Valley0 - 5NCredCA
8053480534French ColombardMendocino County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
2593525935GewurztraminerMendocino County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
3185231852GrenacheCalifornia100 - 250CAredCA
3587835878GrenacheMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
8673486734GrenacheDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
8583285832LagreinNapa Valley5 - 15NCredCA
8621786217MalbecClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
7248772487MalbecOak Knoll District5 - 15NCredCA
4146341463MalbecLodi15 - 22CAredCA
5020350203MalbecLake County22 - 50NCredCA
60376037MalbecMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
8700387003MalbecPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
8665286652MerlotPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
8642586425MerlotLivermore100 - 250CCredCA
8644586445MerlotMendocino County250 - 500NCredCA
86028602MerlotDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
1504015040MerlotEl Dorado5 - 15CAredCA
2786627866MerlotLodi50 - 100CAredCA
4920449204MerlotDry Creek Valley50 - 100NCredCA
4730447304MerlotSan Luis Obispo County50 - 100CCredCA
4761547615MerlotPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
5101051010MerlotPaso Robles15 - 22CCredCA
5444354443MerlotPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
4539645396MerlotPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
6643066430MerlotPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
5521955219MerlotMonterey County5 - 15CCredCA
5569855698MerlotNapa Valley22 - 50NCredCA
8619886198MerlotSan Benito County22 - 50CCredCA
8314983149MerlotLivermore100 - 250CCredCA
7115071150MourvedreCalifornia15 - 22CAredCA
8663786637MourvedreSonoma Valley15 - 22NCredCA
3678436784MuscatLake County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
3577135771MuscatMendocino County5 - 15NCwhiteCA
5807358073Muscat CanelliLake County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
6945169451Muscat CanelliLake County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
2514225142Orange MuscatMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
3568135681Petit VerdotPaicines15 - 22CCredCA
4812148121Petit VerdotLodi5 - 15CAredCA
8542985429Petit VerdotSonoma County5 - 15NCredCA
8598185981Petite SirahMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
8598285982Petite SirahMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
8620186201Petite SirahAmador County50 - 100SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
7115171151Petite SirahCalifornia15 - 22CAredCA
5568155681Petite SirahLake County50 - 100NCredCA
6071960719Petite SirahFair Play22 - 50SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
5325753257Petite SirahPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
4782447824Petite SirahLake County5 - 15NCredCA
3930039300Petite SirahMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
4426244262Petite SirahMonterey County5 - 15CCredCA
2897928979Petite SirahPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
3322333223Petite SirahSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
2080420804Petite SirahLake County22 - 50NCredCA
2313623136Pinot GrigioLake County15 - 22NCwhiteCA
2235422354Pinot NoirSta Rita Hills5 - 15CCredCA
5503255032Pinot NoirSanta Lucia Highlands50 - 100CCredCA
8639886398Pinot NoirAnderson Valley0 - 5NCredCA
8667386673Pinot NoirArroyo Seco15 - 22CCredCA
8598985989PrimitivoMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
8620386203PrimitivoAmador County15 - 22SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
4379343793RoussanneSierra Foothills0 - 5SIERRA FOOTHILLSwhiteCA
4600146001SangioveseLodi22 - 50CAredCA
1656416564SangioveseCienega Valley50 - 100CCredCA
8628686286SangioveseSan Benito County22 - 50CCredCA
2814628146Sauvignon BlancLake County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
3577235772Sauvignon BlancMendocino County0 - 5NCwhiteCA
7821978219Sauvignon BlancNapa Valley5 - 15NCwhiteCA
4712747127SemillonLake County5 - 15NCwhiteCA
2360423604SemillonMendocino County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
8502685026SymphonyLodi50 - 100CAwhiteCA
7076470764SyrahPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
8598385983SyrahMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
8598485984SyrahMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
6072160721SyrahFair Play5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
5672456724SyrahMonterey County0 - 5CCredCA
7250372503SyrahMendocino County100 - 250NCredCA
7538875388SyrahMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
6945069450SyrahLake County22 - 50NCredCA
3245632456SyrahCalifornia50 - 100CAredCA
3322133221SyrahSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
1211312113SyrahPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
1304713047SyrahLake County22 - 50NCredCA
1351813518SyrahMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
5300953009SyrahDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
4920649206SyrahDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
5061150611SyrahMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
2812428124TannatCalifornia100 - 250CAredCA
8621986219TannatClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
7997079970TempranilloMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
4368743687TempranilloClarksburg100 - 250CAredCA
8602886028TempranilloMonterey County5 - 15CCredCA
4368843688TeroldegoClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
4146041460ViognierContra Costa County100 - 250CAwhiteCA
2514325143ViognierMendocino County15 - 22NCwhiteCA
8426484264ViognierDunnigan Hills15 - 22CAwhiteCA
6456264562ViognierMendocino County5 - 15NCwhiteCA
6456364563White RieslingMendocino County5 - 15NCwhiteCA
6945269452White RieslingLake County50 - 100NCwhiteCA
5522955229White RieslingOak Knoll District15 - 22NCwhiteCA
8172481724White RieslingSan Luis Obispo County100 - 250CCwhiteCA
3333333333White RieslingLake County50 - 100NCwhiteCA
4747547475White RieslingPaso Robles50 - 100CCwhiteCA
4987949879ZinfandelLodi15 - 22CAredCA
5325953259ZinfandelPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
3577335773ZinfandelMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
3439234392ZinfandelPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
2818328183ZinfandelLake County22 - 50NCredCA
1276912769ZinfandelPaso Robles15 - 22CCredCA
1282312823ZinfandelLodi100 - 250CAredCA
41224122ZinfandelLodi50 - 100CAredCA
2284622846ZinfandelAlexander Valley0 - 5NCredCA
1680516805ZinfandelPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
1690116901ZinfandelDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
1940219402ZinfandelLodi100 - 250CAredCA
8201582015ZinfandelAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
8225482254ZinfandelFair Play15 - 22SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
8288882888ZinfandelSonoma County5 - 15NCredCA
8502785027ZinfandelLodi100 - 250CAredCA
8602686026ZinfandelCalifornia100 - 250CAredCA
8598585985ZinfandelMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
8595485954ZinfandelSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
5562155621ZinfandelContra Costa County100 - 250CAredCA
5928659286ZinfandelSonoma Valley0 - 5NCredCA
6072260722ZinfandelFair Play22 - 50SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
6265362653ZinfandelDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
7614976149ZinfandelPaso Robles0 - 5CCredCA
7677176771ZinfandelMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
7783877838ZinfandelAmador County15 - 22SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
7115271152ZinfandelCalifornia15 - 22CAredCA
8665486654ZinfandelPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA