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  • Appellation Categories
  • Variety Color
Form Variety Appellation Vintage Tons Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
32583258Cabernet SauvignonChalk Hill100 - 250NCredCA
34823482Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County100 - 250NCredCA
35373537Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County100 - 250NCredCA
36453645ChardonnayMendocino County100 - 250NCwhiteCA
36613661MerlotMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
40724072Pinot NoirSonoma Carneros50 - 100NCredCA
41104110ZinfandelCienega Valley5 - 15CCredCA
49774977Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
57065706Petite SirahClarksburg100 - 250CAredCA
60376037MalbecMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
82298229ZinfandelRedwood Valley15 - 22NCredCA
1177511775Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley50 - 100NCredCA
1178211782Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Valley50 - 100NCredCA
1232612326ChardonnaySonoma Coast5 - 15NCwhiteCA
1259212592TempranilloLodi5 - 15CAredCA
1259512595GrenacheLodi22 - 50CAredCA
1260712607SyrahPaso Robles0 - 5CCredCA
1276812768Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
1291512915Pinot NoirSonoma Coast22 - 50NCredCA
1306713067Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
1402114021Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County100 - 250CCredCA
1425914259ViognierCienega Valley5 - 15CCwhiteCA
1426014260Pinot NoirCienega Valley50 - 100CCredCA
1466614666Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
1495414954MerlotPaso Robles0 - 5CCredCA
1516715167MerlotCienega Valley50 - 100CCredCA
1547515475MerlotDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
1554815548SyrahAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
1599715997ValdiguieSolano Green Valley15 - 22NCredCA
1646616466Pinot NoirMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
1651016510MerlotDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
1651116511ZinfandelDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
1656316563ChardonnayCienega Valley22 - 50CCwhiteCA
1740217402BarberaSanta Barbara County5 - 15CCredCA
1740517405ChardonnaySanta Maria Valley100 - 250CCwhiteCA
1740717407DolcettoSanta Barbara County5 - 15CCredCA
1740817408MerlotSanta Barbara County15 - 22CCredCA
1740917409Muscat CanelliSanta Barbara County15 - 22CCwhiteCA
1741217412NebbioloSanta Barbara County5 - 15CCredCA
1741417414Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County100 - 250CCredCA
1741817418SyrahSanta Barbara County15 - 22CCredCA
1942219422ZinfandelDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
1950419504Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley15 - 22NCredCA
2022020220SyrahMonterey County50 - 100CCredCA
2022120221Petite SirahMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
2022220222Petit VerdotMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
2022320223Cabernet FrancMonterey County50 - 100CCredCA
2055220552MerlotPetaluma Gap0 - 5NCredCA
2084620846Pinot NoirMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
2102621026Cabernet SauvignonLake County100 - 250NCredCA
2151221512ChardonnaySanta Barbara County50 - 100CCwhiteCA
2245122451ChardonnaySanta Barbara County22 - 50CCwhiteCA
2251922519Cabernet SauvignonLake County100 - 250NCredCA
2291822918Cabernet FrancYountville5 - 15NCredCA
2317423174Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley22 - 50NCredCA
2382923829Cabernet SauvignonKnights Valley5 - 15NCredCA
2559325593Pinot NoirSanta Maria Valley100 - 250CCredCA
2593525935GewurztraminerMendocino County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
2694126941Petit VerdotNapa Valley22 - 50NCredCA
2758027580ChardonnayRussian River22 - 50NCwhiteCA
2808928089Cabernet SauvignonYountville5 - 15NCredCA
2811928119Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
2902329023ZinfandelRussian River22 - 50NCredCA
2922529225Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County100 - 250CCredCA
3131331313Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley50 - 100NCredCA
3282132821Petite SirahAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
3322133221SyrahSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
3322433224MourvedreSierra Foothills0 - 5SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
3459534595Petit VerdotNapa Valley0 - 5NCredCA
3791937919MerlotLake County22 - 50NCredCA
3866638666Cabernet FrancLake County22 - 50NCredCA
3895338953Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
3895438954MerlotMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
3895538955Cabernet FrancMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
3895638956Petit VerdotMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
3961339613Cabernet SauvignonSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
3961439614SangioveseSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
4016340163MerlotRedwood Valley100 - 250NCredCA
4368843688TeroldegoClarksburg100 - 250CAredCA
4388643886MerlotSonoma Valley5 - 15NCredCA
4412344123ChardonnaySuisun Valley50 - 100NCwhiteCA
4502745027Cabernet FrancLake County5 - 15NCredCA
4533345333Pinot NoirSonoma Coast5 - 15NCredCA
4766147661Pinot NoirSonoma Coast22 - 50NCredCA
4961349613Cabernet SauvignonMonterey County50 - 100CCredCA
4974549745MourvedreAmador County5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
5082750827Pinot NoirSta Rita Hills100 - 250CCredCA
5399453994Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
5415754157Cabernet SauvignonSanta Ynez Valley15 - 22CCredCA
5453654536Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County500+CCredCA
5521255212GrenacheSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
5575555755BarberaSonoma Valley15 - 22NCredCA
5576655766TempranilloSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
5592955929Pinot NoirRussian River5 - 15NCredCA
5593055930Pinot NoirSonoma Coast22 - 50NCredCA
5679056790Pinot NoirPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
5805758057ChardonnayRussian River22 - 50NCwhiteCA
5805958059MerlotSonoma Valley50 - 100NCredCA
5806058060MalbecSonoma Valley22 - 50NCredCA
5851658516Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley22 - 50NCredCA
5851758517MerlotAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
5851858518Cabernet FrancAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
5881458814MourvedrePaso Robles15 - 22CCredCA
5909859098Pinot NoirMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
6031760317ChardonnayLake County5 - 15NCwhiteCA
6056960569MerlotAlexander Valley50 - 100NCredCA
6064660646Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley22 - 50NCredCA
6100761007ZinfandelSonoma Valley22 - 50NCredCA
6194861948Cabernet SauvignonEl Dorado50 - 100CAredCA
6265362653ZinfandelDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
6312763127Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley5 - 15NCredCA
6455964559ZinfandelMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
6785567855MerlotPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
6806968069Cabernet SauvignonCalistoga15 - 22NCredCA
6994969949Pinot NoirChalone0 - 5CCredCA
7037370373Cabernet SauvignonLake County50 - 100NCredCA
7198471984MontepulcianoLake County5 - 15NCredCA
7248472484Cabernet SauvignonMonterey County50 - 100CCredCA
7319373193GewurztraminerMonterey County100 - 250CCwhiteCA
7417674176ChardonnayMendocino County100 - 250NCwhiteCA
7538675386ChardonnayMendocino County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
7606976069Pinot NoirMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
7652176521ZinfandelDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
7732177321Cabernet FrancSaint Helena22 - 50NCredCA
7733277332Pinot NoirSonoma Coast22 - 50NCredCA
7733377333ChardonnaySonoma Coast15 - 22NCwhiteCA
7757177571ChardonnayAlexander Valley50 - 100NCwhiteCA
7902979029MerlotSonoma Valley22 - 50NCredCA
7947479474Cabernet SauvignonLake County50 - 100NCredCA
8057580575Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
8066080660Petite SirahRed Hills5 - 15NCredCA
8080780807Pinot NoirBennett Valley15 - 22NCredCA
8091680916Pinot NoirSonoma Valley22 - 50NCredCA
8091880918SyrahSonoma Valley5 - 15NCredCA
8154581545Pinot NoirRussian River0 - 5NCredCA
8154681546ChardonnayRussian River0 - 5NCwhiteCA
8243882438MerlotSonoma County50 - 100NCredCA
8290482904ZinfandelMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
8464184641Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
8621586215Cabernet SauvignonClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
8621786217MalbecClarksburg22 - 50CAredCA
8621986219TannatClarksburg100 - 250CAredCA
8644486444Cabernet FrancMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
8644586445MerlotMendocino County100 - 250NCredCA
8663086630Pinot NoirGreen Valley15 - 22NCredCA
8680286802Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley5 - 15NCredCA
8792987929ViognierPaso Robles5 - 15CCwhiteCA
8802088020Cabernet FrancSaint Helena0 - 5NCredCA
8802188021MerlotSaint Helena0 - 5NCredCA
8812188121Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley22 - 50NCredCA
8856288562Pinot NoirChalone100 - 250CCredCA
8938489384Pinot NoirSanta Lucia Highlands22 - 50CCredCA
8963489634MalbecDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
9379293792Petit VerdotAlexander Valley15 - 22NCredCA
9413094130GewurztraminerMonterey County250 - 500CCwhiteCA
9424694246Pinot NoirRussian River0 - 5NCredCA
9497894978Cabernet SauvignonCalistoga5 - 15NCredCA
9501595015Pinot NoirMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
9511595115ZinfandelShenandoah15 - 22SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
9582395823Cabernet SauvignonSonoma Coast22 - 50NCredCA
9589495894ZinfandelDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
9688696886Cabernet SauvignonSonoma Valley50 - 100NCredCA
9721397213Pinot NoirSonoma County50 - 100NCredCA
9742597425BarberaSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
9744297442Petite SirahContra Costa County22 - 50CAredCA
9744597445SyrahContra Costa County15 - 22CAredCA
9745197451ChardonnayMonterey County50 - 100CCwhiteCA
9752197521Cabernet SauvignonRedwood Valley22 - 50NCredCA
9755297552Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley50 - 100NCredCA
9778297782MerlotPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
9819298192ZinfandelDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
9853798537MerlotSonoma Valley50 - 100NCredCA
9853998539MerlotSonoma Valley22 - 50NCredCA
9854298542ChardonnaySonoma Valley50 - 100NCwhiteCA
9854898548SyrahNapa Valley5 - 15NCredCA
9855098550SyrahSonoma Valley15 - 22NCredCA
9856298562Cabernet SauvignonSonoma Valley5 - 15NCredCA
9863198631SyrahSonoma Valley15 - 22NCredCA
9868798687Cabernet SauvignonKelsey Bench22 - 50NCredCA
9882398823Petit VerdotRed Hills22 - 50NCredCA
9896798967Cabernet SauvignonSan Antonio Valley100 - 250CCredCA
9896898968MalbecSan Antonio Valley50 - 100CCredCA
9917299172Cabernet SauvignonRed Hills250 - 500NCredCA
9924299242Cabernet SauvignonKnights Valley15 - 22NCredCA
9964499644Cabernet SauvignonSan Antonio Valley15 - 22CCredCA
9979999799ChardonnaySonoma County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
9983199831ChardonnaySonoma Valley15 - 22NCwhiteCA
100136100136Cabernet SauvignonLodi22 - 50CAredCA
100777100777ZinfandelMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
101228101228Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County250 - 500CCredCA
101417101417MalbecMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
101489101489ChardonnayMonterey County100 - 250CCwhiteCA
101525101525Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County5 - 15NCredCA
101927101927Petit VerdotMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
102010102010MerlotAlexander Valley50 - 100NCredCA
102097102097Cabernet SauvignonLake County50 - 100NCredCA
102107102107ZinfandelSierra Foothills5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
102492102492SyrahSonoma Mountain22 - 50NCredCA
102493102493Pinot NoirSonoma Mountain5 - 15NCredCA
102494102494ChardonnaySonoma Mountain0 - 5NCwhiteCA
102495102495ViognierSonoma Mountain0 - 5NCwhiteCA
102501102501ChardonnayLake County100 - 250NCwhiteCA
102719102719SyrahClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
102747102747ZinfandelSonoma Valley5 - 15NCredCA
102812102812ChardonnayRussian River5 - 15NCwhiteCA
102813102813Pinot NoirRussian River5 - 15NCredCA
102814102814Petit VerdotPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
102905102905VerdelhoSan Benito County5 - 15CCwhiteCA
103032103032Cabernet SauvignonLake County50 - 100NCredCA
103042103042MerlotDry Creek Valley50 - 100NCredCA
103072103072Cabernet SauvignonColumbia Valley50 - 100AMERredWA
103233103233ChardonnaySta Rita Hills22 - 50CCwhiteCA
103356103356CarignaneSolano Green Valley15 - 22NCredCA
103358103358Chenin BlancSolano Green Valley5 - 15NCwhiteCA
103372103372Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles15 - 22CCredCA
103481103481Pinot NoirSonoma Carneros22 - 50NCredCA
103546103546Pinot NoirCarneros5 - 15NCredCA
103596103596Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
103640103640SyrahRussian River5 - 15NCredCA
103670103670Petite SirahMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
103776103776Petite SirahDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
104237104237Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley5 - 15NCredCA
104424104424Cabernet SauvignonSanta Ynez Valley5 - 15CCredCA
104716104716Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
105251105251Pinot NoirSan Benito County100 - 250CCredCA
105318105318Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
105669105669Cabernet SauvignonRedwood Valley5 - 15NCredCA
105849105849Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley50 - 100NCredCA
105866105866Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
105871105871Petite SirahRussian River5 - 15NCredCA
105874105874Petite SirahDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
106007106007SyrahSonoma Valley5 - 15NCredCA
106017106017MerlotAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
106018106018MalbecKnights Valley5 - 15NCredCA
106110106110SyrahSonoma County5 - 15NCredCA
106123106123White RieslingPetaluma Gap0 - 5NCwhiteCA
106163106163Petit VerdotPetaluma Gap5 - 15NCredCA
106205106205Cabernet FrancAmador County5 - 15SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
106206106206Petit VerdotAmador County0 - 5SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
106298106298ChardonnayDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCwhiteCA
106299106299Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
106300106300ChardonnaySonoma County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
106301106301Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
106302106302ZinfandelDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCredCA
106303106303Petite SirahDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
106307106307MerlotRussian River22 - 50NCredCA
106412106412MerlotKelsey Bench22 - 50NCredCA
106413106413Cabernet SauvignonKelsey Bench22 - 50NCredCA
106460106460Cabernet SauvignonRutherford100 - 250NCredCA
106461106461Pinot NoirAnderson Valley50 - 100NCredCA
106462106462ChardonnayAnderson Valley22 - 50NCwhiteCA
106522106522ChardonnaySan Benito County15 - 22CCwhiteCA
106523106523Cabernet SauvignonSan Benito County22 - 50CCredCA
106524106524Cabernet SauvignonSanta Cruz County0 - 5CAredCA
106526106526MerlotSanta Cruz County0 - 5CAredCA
106529106529Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley50 - 100NCredCA
106577106577ZinfandelSonoma County0 - 5NCredCA
106629106629Cabernet FrancLake County5 - 15NCredCA
106630106630Cabernet SauvignonLake County5 - 15NCredCA
106631106631MerlotLake County15 - 22NCredCA
106634106634ZinfandelLake County5 - 15NCredCA
106636106636SyrahLake County0 - 5NCredCA
106641106641SyrahLake County5 - 15NCredCA
106642106642Cabernet FrancLake County22 - 50NCredCA
106643106643Cabernet SauvignonLake County15 - 22NCredCA
106644106644SyrahLake County5 - 15NCredCA
106868106868Pinot NoirMonterey County250 - 500CCredCA
106869106869Pinot NoirEdna Valley250 - 500CCredCA
106888106888Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
106895106895Pinot NoirMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
106996106996Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley5 - 15NCredCA
107021107021Cabernet SauvignonRed Hills100 - 250NCredCA
107054107054ChardonnaySonoma Coast15 - 22NCwhiteCA
107058107058Cabernet SauvignonLake County100 - 250NCredCA
107059107059ChardonnayLake County100 - 250NCwhiteCA
107079107079Pinot NoirAnderson Valley50 - 100NCredCA
107080107080SangioveseAlexander Valley100 - 250NCredCA
107084107084ZinfandelAlexander Valley22 - 50NCredCA
107086107086Cabernet SauvignonCalifornia5 - 15CAredCA
107087107087SyrahCalifornia5 - 15CAredCA
107088107088MerlotCalifornia5 - 15CAredCA
107090107090MalbecCalifornia5 - 15CAredCA
107113107113TempranilloCalifornia5 - 15CAredCA
107175107175Pinot NoirRussian River15 - 22NCredCA
107275107275Petit VerdotNapa Valley15 - 22NCredCA
107304107304Pinot NoirSonoma Carneros50 - 100NCredCA
107326107326MerlotSan Benito County5 - 15CCredCA
107409107409Pinot NoirMonterey County5 - 15CCredCA
107473107473Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley15 - 22NCredCA
107510107510Petite SirahLodi100 - 250CAredCA
107530107530Cabernet SauvignonLake County22 - 50NCredCA
107564107564ZinfandelRockpile5 - 15NCredCA
107568107568MalbecRockpile5 - 15NCredCA
107571107571Cabernet SauvignonRockpile5 - 15NCredCA
107578107578ZinfandelMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
107579107579ZinfandelMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
107586107586Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
107619107619Cabernet SauvignonMount Veeder5 - 15NCredCA
107625107625MerlotMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
107626107626Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County100 - 250NCredCA
107717107717ZinfandelSonoma Valley5 - 15NCredCA
107720107720DolcettoMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
107721107721Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
107758107758Pinot NoirSanta Clara County22 - 50CCredCA
107759107759Grenache BlancSanta Clara County0 - 5CCwhiteCA
107760107760Picpoul BlancSanta Clara County0 - 5CCwhiteCA
107781107781ZinfandelKnights Valley22 - 50NCredCA
107787107787Pinot NoirRussian River5 - 15NCredCA
107800107800Pinot NoirSonoma Carneros22 - 50NCredCA
107833107833Pinot NoirMonterey County500+CCredCA
107834107834ChardonnaySonoma County0 - 5NCwhiteCA
107835107835Cabernet SauvignonSonoma County5 - 15NCredCA
107836107836Cabernet FrancSonoma County5 - 15NCredCA
107837107837MerlotSonoma County0 - 5NCredCA
107861107861Cabernet FrancAlexander Valley15 - 22NCredCA
107870107870Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
107950107950MerlotSonoma Valley22 - 50NCredCA
107961107961Cabernet SauvignonSonoma Valley50 - 100NCredCA
107977107977VerdejoDunnigan Hills15 - 22CAwhiteCA
108075108075Pinot NoirSan Benito County15 - 22CCredCA
108080108080MerlotDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
108086108086MerlotSonoma Valley5 - 15NCredCA
108087108087ZinfandelSonoma Valley0 - 5NCredCA
108102108102Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley22 - 50NCredCA
108184108184ChardonnayRussian River22 - 50NCwhiteCA
108185108185AlbarinoRussian River0 - 5NCwhiteCA
108186108186SyrahRussian River0 - 5NCredCA
108187108187TempranilloRussian River5 - 15NCredCA
108240108240Pinot NoirSan Luis Obispo County500+CCredCA
108248108248MalbecCalistoga22 - 50NCredCA
108266108266Cabernet SauvignonSouth Coast0 - 5SCredCA
108267108267Cabernet FrancSouth Coast0 - 5SCredCA
108272108272Cabernet SauvignonMoon Mountain5 - 15NCredCA
108275108275ViognierSan Luis Obispo County22 - 50CCwhiteCA
108319108319Cabernet FrancMoon Mountain22 - 50NCredCA