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    Appellation Categories
  • Variety Color
Form Variety Appellation Vintage Tons Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
8885288852Cabernet FrancRockpile0 - 5NCredCA
8874788747Cabernet SauvignonMonterey County50 - 100CCredCA
8885188851Cabernet SauvignonRockpile0 - 5NCredCA
8533085330Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
7881678816Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles500+CCredCA
1231312313Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
2188421884Cabernet SauvignonOak Knoll District22 - 50NCredCA
1707117071Cabernet SauvignonRed Hills50 - 100NCredCA
5608056080Cabernet SauvignonCalistoga22 - 50NCredCA
5694156941Cabernet SauvignonSonoma Valley15 - 22NCredCA
7029170291Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley22 - 50NCredCA
9533195331ChardonnayClarksburg100 - 250CAwhiteCA
8874488744DolcettoMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
9570295702GrenachePaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
8402384023Grenache BlancPaso Robles50 - 100CCwhiteCA
8456984569MalbecMonterey County50 - 100CCredCA
9570195701MalbecPaso Robles0 - 5CCredCA
8471384713MalbecPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
8885688856MalbecRockpile0 - 5NCredCA
8457084570MerlotMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
8533185331MerlotPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
7029270292MerlotNapa Valley15 - 22NCredCA
7531275312MerlotMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
2284822848MerlotSonoma Mountain5 - 15NCredCA
36613661MerlotMendocino County100 - 250NCredCA
1231112311MerlotPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
8874588745MourvedreMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
9569895698MourvedrePaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
2514225142Orange MuscatMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
8471284712Petit VerdotPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
3866538665Petit VerdotLake County5 - 15NCredCA
9570095700Petit VerdotPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
5568155681Petite SirahLake County50 - 100NCredCA
8402284022Petite SirahPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
2831928319Petite SirahRedwood Valley22 - 50NCredCA
9565195651Pinot NoirRussian River15 - 22NCredCA
8885588855Pinot NoirRockpile0 - 5NCredCA
9458594585Pinot NoirSonoma Coast22 - 50NCredCA
8885488854PrimitivoRockpile0 - 5NCredCA
8594385943Sauvignon BlancRussian River50 - 100NCwhiteCA
3866438664Sauvignon BlancLake County100 - 250NCwhiteCA
2127721277Sauvignon BlancPaso Robles250 - 500CCwhiteCA
1231412314SyrahPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
8456884568SyrahMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
9577795777SyrahMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
9431794317SyrahSonoma Mountain5 - 15NCredCA
8874688746TempranilloMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
2514325143ViognierMendocino County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
1453814538White RieslingMendocino County15 - 22NCwhiteCA
1231212312ZinfandelPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
2831828318ZinfandelRedwood Valley22 - 50NCredCA