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Marketplace – Grape

  • Appellation Categories
  • Variety Color
Form Variety Appellation Vintage Tons Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
102810102810Picpoul BlancMonterey County5 - 15CCwhiteCA
2970029700Pinot GrigioLodi500+CAwhiteCA
3922739227Sauvignon BlancLodi100 - 250CAwhiteCA
4023540235Pinot NoirLodi100 - 250CAredCA
4345743457ZinfandelLodi100 - 250CAredCA
111874111874ChardonnayLodi100 - 250CAwhiteCA
57065706Petite SirahClarksburg100 - 250CAredCA
2195821958ChardonnayClarksburg100 - 250CAwhiteCA
3242432424Pinot GrisClarksburg100 - 250CAwhiteCA
4368343683Muscat CanelliClarksburg50 - 100CAwhiteCA
4368643686Cabernet FrancClarksburg5 - 15CAredCA
4368743687TempranilloClarksburg5 - 15CAredCA
4368843688TeroldegoClarksburg100 - 250CAredCA
8621586215Cabernet SauvignonClarksburg22 - 50CAredCA
8621786217MalbecClarksburg22 - 50CAredCA
8621986219TannatClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
9268992689Sauvignon BlancClarksburg250 - 500CAwhiteCA
9354993549Sauvignon BlancClarksburg100 - 250CAwhiteCA
102717102717GrenacheClarksburg5 - 15CAredCA
102718102718MourvedreClarksburg0 - 5CAredCA
102719102719SyrahClarksburg22 - 50CAredCA
106375106375AlbarinoClarksburg22 - 50CAwhiteCA
108609108609VerdejoClarksburg0 - 5CAwhiteCA
108610108610Alicante BouschetClarksburg0 - 5CAredCA
3872538725ZinfandelLodi250 - 500CAredCA
103939103939ChardonnayDry Creek Valley15 - 22NCwhiteCA
7024670246MerlotCalistoga22 - 50NCredCA
7685176851Petite SirahOak Knoll District5 - 15NCredCA
102137102137Sauvignon BlancOak Knoll District0 - 5NCwhiteCA
7881678816Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles250 - 500CCredCA
8402284022Petite SirahPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
8402384023Grenache BlancPaso Robles50 - 100CCwhiteCA
9569895698MourvedrePaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
9570095700Petit VerdotPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
9570195701MalbecPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
9570295702GrenachePaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
9486694866ViognierPaso Robles50 - 100CCwhiteCA
9516095160Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
9516195161Petite SirahPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
9516395163PrimitivoPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
9656196561Pinot GrigioPaso Robles250 - 500CCwhiteCA
102985102985Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
102986102986Petite SirahPaso Robles250 - 500CCredCA
102989102989PrimitivoPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
6643366433ZinfandelPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
6643466434BarberaPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
6643566435Petite SirahPaso Robles5 - 15CCredCA
9473494734MerlotPaso Robles15 - 22CCredCA
103940103940Sauvignon BlancLodi100 - 250CAwhiteCA
111873111873Sauvignon BlancLodi100 - 250CAwhiteCA
104240104240Pinot NoirNapa Carneros22 - 50NCredCA
111896111896ChardonnayLake County22 - 50NCwhiteCA