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    Appellation Categories
  • Variety Color
Variety Appellation Vintage Tons Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
17231BarberaSierra Foothills22 - 50SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
3923Cabernet FrancSierra Foothills100 - 250SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
53966Cabernet FrancSuisun Valley50 - 100NCredCA
51558Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
53965Cabernet SauvignonSuisun Valley50 - 100NCredCA
41522Cabernet SauvignonLodi250 - 500CAredCA
44895Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
3926Cabernet SauvignonSierra Foothills250 - 500SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
3837Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
12775Cabernet SauvignonLodi50 - 100CAredCA
13132Cabernet SauvignonContra Costa County50 - 100CAredCA
16017Cabernet SauvignonLodi500+CAredCA
22547Cabernet SauvignonOak Knoll District15 - 22NCredCA
57945Cabernet SauvignonLodi100 - 250CAredCA
58149Cabernet SauvignonLodi100 - 250CAredCA
71518Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley15 - 22NCredCA
80930Cabernet SauvignonCalifornia500+CAredCA
82196Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles22 - 50CCredCA
82303Cabernet SauvignonCalifornia250 - 500CAredCA
82830Cabernet SauvignonLodi500+CAredCA
82853ChardonnayCalifornia250 - 500CAwhiteCA
79111ChardonnayRussian River50 - 100NCwhiteCA
59250ChardonnayRussian River22 - 50NCwhiteCA
58057ChardonnayRussian River22 - 50NCwhiteCA
21876ChardonnayBennett Valley100 - 250NCwhiteCA
28369ChardonnaySonoma Coast50 - 100NCwhiteCA
18612ChardonnayLodi100 - 250CAwhiteCA
20293ChardonnayLodi50 - 100CAwhiteCA
20938ChardonnayAlexander Valley50 - 100NCwhiteCA
21572ChardonnaySanta Clara County250 - 500CCwhiteCA
16563ChardonnaySan Benito County100 - 250CCwhiteCA
3928ChardonnaySierra Foothills100 - 250SIERRA FOOTHILLSwhiteCA
52143ChardonnayContra Costa County500+CAwhiteCA
29470ChardonnaySan Luis Obispo County100 - 250CCwhiteCA
38724ChardonnayLodi250 - 500CAwhiteCA
31852GrenacheCalifornia100 - 250CAredCA
62478GrenacheLodi50 - 100CAredCA
82939GrenacheMonterey County22 - 50CCredCA
62273MalbecContra Costa County22 - 50CAredCA
37217MalbecLodi100 - 250CAredCA
3704MalbecBennett Valley22 - 50NCredCA
19020MerlotLodi250 - 500CAredCA
3931MerlotSierra Foothills50 - 100SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
3854MerlotPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
15167MerlotSan Benito County100 - 250CCredCA
44029MerlotMendocino County50 - 100NCredCA
83149MerlotLivermore100 - 250CCredCA
83435MerlotBennett Valley5 - 15NCredCA
78862MourvedreCalifornia22 - 50CAredCA
53299Muscat CanelliCalifornia250 - 500CAwhiteCA
81283Petit VerdotCalifornia250 - 500CAredCA
81282Petite SirahCalifornia250 - 500CAredCA
29200Petite SirahLodi100 - 250CAredCA
39374Pinot GrigioContra Costa County250 - 500CAwhiteCA
46926Pinot GrigioSan Benito County50 - 100CCwhiteCA
82832Pinot GrigioLodi100 - 250CAwhiteCA
82829Pinot NoirLodi250 - 500CAredCA
82117Pinot NoirMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
80535Pinot NoirMendocino County22 - 50NCredCA
71890Pinot NoirSanta Lucia Highlands15 - 22CCredCA
75647Pinot NoirSonoma Coast15 - 22NCredCA
58055Pinot NoirRussian River22 - 50NCredCA
50371Pinot NoirSan Luis Obispo County50 - 100CCredCA
56609Pinot NoirArroyo Seco50 - 100CCredCA
36825Pinot NoirMonterey County50 - 100CCredCA
29261Pinot NoirMonterey County15 - 22CCredCA
30937Pinot NoirSan Benito County250 - 500CCredCA
31353Pinot NoirSanta Lucia Highlands100 - 250CCredCA
31716Pinot NoirMonterey County100 - 250CCredCA
12778Pinot NoirSanta Lucia Highlands250 - 500CCredCA
18159Pinot NoirMonterey County250 - 500CCredCA
21574Pinot NoirSanta Clara County250 - 500CCredCA
28834Pinot NoirRussian River50 - 100NCredCA
23809Pinot NoirSanta Maria Valley50 - 100CCredCA
15597RefoscoSanta Barbara County5 - 15CCredCA
16564SangioveseCienega Valley50 - 100CCredCA
16506Sauvignon BlancAlexander Valley15 - 22NCwhiteCA
39464Sauvignon BlancLodi500+CAwhiteCA
57942Sauvignon BlancLodi250 - 500CAwhiteCA
50055Sauvignon BlancRutherford15 - 22NCwhiteCA
59252Sauvignon BlancLake County22 - 50NCwhiteCA
16562SyrahSan Benito County22 - 50CCredCA
13131SyrahContra Costa County50 - 100CAredCA
3937SyrahSierra Foothills100 - 250SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
83532SyrahDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
28124TannatCalifornia100 - 250CAredCA
41460ViognierContra Costa County100 - 250CAwhiteCA
30798ZinfandelLodi50 - 100CAredCA
48122ZinfandelLodi250 - 500CAredCA
49879ZinfandelLodi15 - 22CAredCA
55667ZinfandelLodi100 - 250CAredCA
27752ZinfandelLodi22 - 50CAredCA
29014ZinfandelLodi50 - 100CAredCA
28810ZinfandelPaso Robles50 - 100CCredCA
20731ZinfandelLodi50 - 100CAredCA
18083ZinfandelLodi100 - 250CAredCA
65278ZinfandelLodi250 - 500CAredCA
69218ZinfandelCalifornia100 - 250CAredCA
80899ZinfandelDry Creek Valley50 - 100NCredCA