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    Appellation Categories
  • Variety Color
Form Variety Appellation Vintage Tons Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
5376853768Cabernet SauvignonMonterey County250 - 500CCredCA
5552755527Cabernet SauvignonLodi50 - 100CAredCA
5568055680Cabernet SauvignonRutherford0 - 5NCredCA
7006170061Cabernet SauvignonRed Hills22 - 50NCredCA
7947479474Cabernet SauvignonLake County50 - 100NCredCA
8472484724Cabernet SauvignonRutherford0 - 5NCredCA
8472784727Cabernet SauvignonRutherford0 - 5NCredCA
8780787807Cabernet SauvignonMendocino County0 - 5NCredCA
8829388293Cabernet SauvignonContra Costa County22 - 50CAredCA
9049690496Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley22 - 50NCredCA
8226482264ChardonnayCalifornia100 - 250CAwhiteCA
3946739467ChardonnayYountville22 - 50NCwhiteCA
8227082270MerlotCalifornia100 - 250CAredCA
6302063020MerlotPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
8829288292MerlotContra Costa County100 - 250CAredCA
8994989949Petite SirahDry Creek Valley22 - 50NCredCA
8791187911Petite SirahPaso Robles100 - 250CCredCA
2578825788Petite SirahMendocino County15 - 22NCredCA
5738557385Pinot GrigioLodi50 - 100CAwhiteCA
8226282262Pinot GrisCalifornia500+CAwhiteCA
8621886218Pinot NoirClarksburg50 - 100CAredCA
8639886398Pinot NoirAnderson Valley0 - 5NCredCA
9082990829Pinot NoirYorkville Highlands22 - 50NCredCA
8829488294SangioveseContra Costa County22 - 50CAredCA
8226382263Sauvignon BlancCalifornia100 - 250CAwhiteCA
8226182261Sauvignon BlancCalifornia100 - 250CAwhiteCA
8227182271Sauvignon BlancCalifornia100 - 250CAwhiteCA
2130921309ZinfandelRedwood Valley22 - 50NCredCA
3334633346ZinfandelDry Creek Valley5 - 15NCredCA
4479844798ZinfandelDry Creek Valley50 - 100NCredCA
8995089950ZinfandelDry Creek Valley50 - 100NCredCA