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Turrentine Brokerage knows the wine business inside and out. We have an unparalleled record of predicting wine business trends and helping clients profit from them. We know the sources of supply, their history and capabilities. We know the brands, their people and their finances. We earn trust and guard confidences carefully. We make deals happen. We bring businesses together efficiently, creatively, and when necessary, quickly. We understand the key factors that make your business tick. And we know how to avoid many hidden disasters.

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Variety Appellation Vintage Cases Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
64250ChardonnayCentral Coast20110 - 500CCwhiteCA
64349Sauvignon BlancCentral Coast20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
73382Cabernet SauvignonCentral Coast20110 - 500CCredCA
78449Dry WhiteCentral Coast20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
65449TempranilloEl Dorado20090 - 500CAredCA
77676White RieslingLake County20120 - 500NCwhiteCA
73464Sauvignon BlancLake County20120 - 500NCwhiteCA
78451Cabernet SauvignonLake County20110 - 500NCredCA
75228Pinot GrigioLodi2012500 - 1,000CAwhiteCA
67728Dry WhiteMendocino County20111,000 - 5,000NCwhiteCA
74210Dry WhiteMendocino County2012500 - 1,000NCwhiteCA
65448GrenacheMendocino County20090 - 500NCredCA
69521Pinot BlancNapa Valley20110 - 500NCwhiteCA
74047Pinot GrigioNapa Valley20121,000 - 5,000NCwhiteCA
77761Dry RedNapa Valley20100 - 500NCredCA
81355White RieslingNorth Coast20131,000 - 5,000NCwhiteCA
69524Cabernet SauvignonNorth Coast2010500 - 1,000NCredCA
77669MerlotNorth Coast20100 - 500NCredCA
67132MeritageNorth Coast2008500 - 1,000NCredCA
78468Sparkling WineNorth CoastNon Vintage0 - 500NCwhiteCA
78469Sparkling WineNorth CoastNon Vintage0 - 500NCwhiteCA
75790Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles20100 - 500CCredCA
75791SyrahPaso Robles20100 - 500CCredCA
75792SyrahPaso Robles2011500 - 1,000CCredCA
75793Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles20110 - 500CCredCA
75794SyrahPaso Robles2012500 - 1,000CCredCA
78776Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles20100 - 500CCredCA
67431Dry RedPaso RoblesNon Vintage0 - 500CCredCA
82874Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles20101,000 - 5,000CCredCA
82876SyrahPaso Robles20120 - 500CCredCA
83072Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles20100 - 500CCredCA
82699SyrahPaso Robles20081,000 - 5,000CCredCA
82704SyrahPaso Robles20090 - 500CCredCA
82705SyrahPaso Robles2009500 - 1,000CCredCA
67432Syrah RoseSan Luis Obispo CountyNon Vintage0 - 500CCwhiteCA
72486Pinot NoirSan Luis Obispo County20120 - 500CCredCA
72210RoseSanta Barbara County20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
73383ChardonnaySanta Barbara County20100 - 500CCwhiteCA
73384ChardonnaySanta Barbara County20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
73388Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County20120 - 500CCredCA
77748ChardonnaySanta Barbara County20110 - 500CCwhiteCA
77749ChardonnaySanta Barbara County20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
77750GrĂ¼ner VeltlinerSanta Barbara County20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
77751Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County20090 - 500CCredCA
77752Pinot NoirSanta Barbara County20120 - 500CCredCA
77766Sauvignon BlancSanta Barbara County20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
73391ChardonnaySanta Maria Valley20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
73395Pinot NoirSanta Maria Valley20120 - 500CCredCA
77756ChardonnaySanta Maria Valley20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
77760Pinot NoirSanta Maria Valley20120 - 500CCredCA
77762White RieslingSanta Ynez Valley20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
77763White RieslingSanta Ynez Valley20130 - 500CCwhiteCA
77767Late Harvest SemillonSanta Ynez Valley20120 - 500CCredCA
64858Petite SirahSierra Foothills20090 - 500SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
64859SyrahSierra Foothills20070 - 500SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
64860SyrahSierra Foothills20070 - 500SIERRA FOOTHILLSredCA
69847Sauvignon BlancSonoma County20120 - 500NCwhiteCA
69523ViognierSonoma County20110 - 500NCwhiteCA
72608Sauvignon BlancSonoma County2012500 - 1,000NCwhiteCA
82940RoseSonoma County20141,000 - 5,000NCwhiteCA
77677Dry RedSonoma County20120 - 500NCredCA
82561RoseSonoma County500 - 1,000NCwhiteCA
69527Dry RedCaliforniaNon Vintage1,000 - 5,000CAredCA
82877ChardonnayCalifornia20120 - 500CAwhiteCA
72525Dry RedCalifornia2009500 - 1,000CAredCA
66742MerlotCalifornia20110 - 500CAredCA
66848Pinot GrigioCalifornia20120 - 500CAwhiteCA
70304ChardonnayCalifornia20120 - 500CAwhiteCA
70305Sauvignon BlancCalifornia20120 - 500CAwhiteCA
77745Cabernet SauvignonCalifornia20120 - 500CAredCA
77746Pinot NoirCalifornia20120 - 500CAredCA
78447Dry RedCalifornia20110 - 500CAredCA
78448Dry WhiteCalifornia20110 - 500CAwhiteCA
78495MerlotCalifornia20080 - 500CAredCA
69525SyrahRussian River20090 - 500NCredCA
78532Sauvignon BlancRussian River2013500 - 1,000NCwhiteCA
77671Pinot NoirRussian River20110 - 500NCredCA
77678Dry WhiteRussian River20130 - 500NCwhiteCA
67133MerlotRussian River20090 - 500NCredCA
78470Sparkling WineRussian River20100 - 500NCwhiteCA
73390ChardonnayRussian River20120 - 500NCwhiteCA
78002Dry RedRussian River20090 - 500NCredCA
81305ChardonnayRussian River20130 - 500NCwhiteCA
69522Sauvignon BlancDry Creek Valley20120 - 500NCwhiteCA
75970Cabernet SauvignonDry Creek Valley20100 - 500NCredCA
69526Petite SirahAlexander Valley20090 - 500NCredCA
68706Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley20070 - 500NCredCA
72623ZinfandelAlexander Valley20110 - 500NCredCA
73394ChardonnayEdna Valley20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
73396Pinot NoirEdna Valley20120 - 500CCredCA
77755ChardonnayEdna Valley20120 - 500CCwhiteCA
77759Pinot NoirEdna Valley20110 - 500CCredCA
76252Pinot NoirSonoma Valley20110 - 500NCredCA
78463Pinot NoirSonoma Valley20110 - 500NCredCA
69520ChardonnaySonoma Coast20110 - 500NCwhiteCA
77670Pinot NoirSonoma Coast20100 - 500NCredCA
77672Pinot NoirSonoma Coast20120 - 500NCredCA
69519ChardonnayAnderson Valley20110 - 500NCwhiteCA
78473Late Harvest GewurztraminerAnderson Valley20130 - 500NCredCA
77866GewurztraminerAnderson Valley20130 - 500NCwhiteCA
66741Pinot NoirSta Rita Hills20100 - 500CCredCA
73882Cabernet SauvignonDiamond Mountain District20080 - 500NCredCA
78450Cabernet SauvignonRutherford20120 - 500NCredCA
82616Petite SirahCalistoga20111,000 - 5,000NCredCA