If you’ve been around the vineyard block a few times you know the importance of a trusted advisor.

Turrentine Brokerage knows the wine business inside and out. We have an unparalleled record of predicting wine business trends and helping clients profit from them. We know the sources of supply, their history and capabilities. We know the brands, their people and their finances. We earn trust and guard confidences carefully. We make deals happen. We bring businesses together efficiently, creatively, and when necessary, quickly. We understand the key factors that make your business tick. And we know how to avoid many hidden disasters.

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Marketplace – Bottled

Form Variety Appellation Vintage Cases Appellation Category Variety Category Appellation State
104583104583Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley20110 - 500NCredCA
104584104584Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley20120 - 500NCredCA
104585104585Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley20130 - 500NCredCA
104586104586Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley20150 - 500NCredCA
103584103584ZinfandelMendocino County20171,000 - 5,000NCredCA
9234892348White RieslingMendocino County2017500 - 1,000NCwhiteCA
104466104466Pinot NoirRussian River20181,000 - 5,000NCredCA
9684796847Cabernet SauvignonSonoma Valley20171,000 - 5,000NCredCA
9685096850ChardonnaySonoma Valley20180 - 500NCwhiteCA
9812398123Dry WhiteSonoma County20180 - 500NCwhiteCA
9848198481Dry WhiteNorth Coast20140 - 500NCwhiteCA
9908699086RoseSonoma Valley20180 - 500NCwhiteCA
9908799087Dry RedSonoma Valley20180 - 500NCredCA
100193100193Pinot GrigioNapa Valley20180 - 500NCwhiteCA
100346100346Dry RedSonoma Valley20180 - 500NCredCA
100347100347Dry RedSonoma MountainNon Vintage500 - 1,000NCredCA
100348100348Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley20180 - 500NCredCA
100349100349Dry RedSonoma Mountain20170 - 500NCredCA
100350100350ChardonnaySonoma County20181,000 - 5,000NCwhiteCA
100852100852RoseSonoma Coast2019500 - 1,000NCwhiteCA
100853100853RoseSonoma Coast20190 - 500NCwhiteCA
9265292652RoseLodi20150 - 500CAwhiteCA